Mostakbal City

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Mostakbal City designed to be a well-planned and strategically located smart green city in the east Cairo, with a focus on modern living and sustainable development.

Mostakbal City: Exploring the Pinnacle of Modern Living in East Cairo:

  • Smart and Green Concept:
Mostakbal City is positioned as the first smart green city in east Cairo. The concept of modern living includes extensive green areas that are carefully planned for sustainable development.
  • Location and Accessibility:
The city is strategically located on Cairo Suez Road, surrounded by bustling cities such as Madinaty, El Shorouk, Cairo New Capital, and New Heliopolis. Accessibility is facilitated through the Regional Ring Road, Middle Ring Road, and Cairo Suez Road.
  • Educational and Infrastructure Facilities:
Easy access to top educational institutions like the American University in Cairo. Proximity to Road 90’s lively happenings, fast train station, and International Airport of New Cairo Capital.
  • Transportation and Connectivity:
Mostakbal city offers smart communication between residents and services through a mobile application. Services include easy parking, e-payments, and streamlined public transportation, comparable to international mega cities.
  • Self-Sufficiency and Infrastructure:
The city is designed to be self-sufficient, with an independent operation and management system. It has a utilities and networks management system, including a self-sufficient electricity power station, independent water and gas pipelines, and private security services.
  • Technology Integration:
The city adopts the latest intelligent technologies for efficient management and resident services. Smart features include communication between residents and services through a mobile app.
  • Economic Hub and Investment Opportunities:
Mostakbal city aims to become a flourishing economic hub, attracting residential investments and providing entertainment options. Urban planning is based on extensive market research to exceed the expectations of homeowners and attract leading real estate developers.
  • Connectivity and Communication Infrastructure:
Optical fiber communication networks are implemented to ensure ultimate connectivity throughout the city.
  • Safety and Sustainability:
The city prioritizes safety with private security services covering all gates and roads. Sustainability is a key focus, with a utilities management system ensuring equal distribution of electricity, independent water and gas pipelines, and effective waste management.

Phases and Residential Projects:

Mostakbal City comprise 5 chapters in the success story of Future City. In essence, the city consists of 5 distinct phases, each delivering a unique living experience. Notably, it hosts various residential projects, each with its own theme and signature, including Bloomfields, Il Bosco City, Aria, Green Square, La Mirada, Haptown, Mountain View Mostakbal City, and Odyssia. In conclusion, Mostakbal City is not just a city; it’s a vision brought to life. A vision that combines smart living, sustainability, and modernity to create a unique residential experience. For those seeking a harmonious blend of nature and technology, Mostakbal City stands as a beacon of progress in the heart of the east of Cairo.