6 October

Badya by Palm Hills


6 October, Egypt

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Property Type


Area size

90 m





Approximate Locations

10 Min
Mall of Egypt
5 Min
West Cairo Monorail line
15 Min
Grand Egyptian museum
15 min
Shikh Zayed

Project Benefits

  • Smart Life 
  • Innovative Urban Living
  • Egypt’s First Fifth-Generation Smart City
  • Oases Within the Landscape
  • The perfect location
  • Strategic connectivity


Feature & Amenities

Badya by Palm Hills
CCTV Monitoring
Badya by Palm Hills
Fitted Kitchens
Badya by Palm Hills
Badya by Palm Hills
Badya by Palm Hills
Health care
Badya by Palm Hills
Badya by Palm Hills
Badya by Palm Hills
Badya by Palm Hills
Multi - Use sports venue
Badya by Palm Hills
Swimming Pool
Badya by Palm Hills
Badya by Palm Hills
Relaxed & Healthy life style
Badya by Palm Hills
Community center
Badya by Palm Hills
Public Parks
Badya by Palm Hills
Badya by Palm Hills
Integrated City
Badya by Palm Hills
Smart City

Project Videos

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Badya by Palm Hills: Egypt’s Pinnacle of Urban Innovation

Embark on a journey into the future of urban living with Badya by Palm Hills the latest visionary project spanning an expansive 3000 acres that seamlessly connects West Cairo to East Cairo. In the midst of Egypt’s technological boom, this phase emerges as an extraordinary development, redefining the very essence of modern urban living in 6 of October City.

A Smart Life Redefined in Badya by Palm Hills:

Palm Hills promises a new era of smart living within Badya. Our commitment to safety begins with an impressive surveillance system featuring facial recognition and child-tracking devices. Feel secure and protected effortlessly. Microsensors combat air pollution, while health monitoring and waste management systems contribute to a healthier, more sustainable environment. Electric bikes and rentable cars are strategically placed for easy access, embracing a future where sustainability meets convenience.

Innovative Urban Living:

Designed to accommodate a diverse population, Badya by Palm Hills offers a spectrum of housing options, from apartments to townhouses and villas. Following an innovative urban planning rule—5 minutes from all daily needs, ensures convenience is at the heart of its residents’ lives.

Smart Infrastructure for a Pedestrian Paradise:

Prioritizing pedestrians, Badya’s smart infrastructure encourages walking and cycling with seamless support. Enjoy easy access to two international schools, a university, a mall, and a local center, fostering a vibrant and holistic learning and recreational environment. Green and lush areas create a comfortable and safe haven for relaxation and meditation in gardens, parks, or central hubs of your choosing.

Oases Within the Landscape:

Each city block at Badya by Palm Hills boasts a central garden, creating an oasis within the urban landscape. For sports enthusiasts, extensive facilities for tennis, football, basketball, horse riding, squash, swimming, and skateboarding await. Ample seating areas ensure utmost comfort for everyone, making it a haven for residents seeking a balanced and active lifestyle.

Egypt’s First Fifth-Generation Smart City:

Badya emerges as a beacon of progress, offering residents a glimpse into the future of urban living. With 40% renewable energy sources, reduced utility bills, and a reliable power supply, Badya by Palm Hills stands as Egypt’s first fifth-generation smart city, blending innovation with sustainability.

The Perfect Location:

Discover the ideal intersection of convenience and accessibility at Badya, strategically positioned between the existing and extension of West Cairo. With five well-connected routes linking it to the city—26th of July Corridor, Al Wahat Road, Zoweil Road, Al Daery Al Awsaty, and the Ring Road—Badya ensures seamless connectivity to the pulse of Cairo.

Strategic Connectivity:
  • 25 minutes away from key landmarks such as Mall of Egypt, Palm Hills October, the Great Pyramids, and The Grand Egyptian Museum.
  • 35 minutes away from Sphinx Airport.
  • 45 minutes away from New Cairo.
  • 50 minutes away from The New Capital.

Experience the epitome of urban living with Badya—where convenience, safety, and sustainability converge to shape a brighter future for all. Welcome to Badya, where the future meets the present, and progress knows no bounds.

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