North coast-Sahel

Summer Ras El Hekma





One-of-a-kind destination in Ras El Hekma, amongst the blue waters and silky sands of the North Coast, spanning over 864 acres.

Silver sands North Coast Ora


Sea View

95 m²


Silver Sands North Coast is being pioneered by Ora Developers, one of the leading real estate development companies in the Egyptian market.

LVLs Mountain View


Sea View


Villas, Beach houses

Lvls Mountain View North Coast presents a variety of Villas tailored to meet your preferences and requirements.

Seashore Hyde Park




Seashore Hyde Park stands out with its modern and elegant design, offering a diverse range of residential units with unique designs

Salt North Coast




Salt North Coast is a luxury residential and vacation project located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt.

Solare North Coast




Solare North Coast on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Ras El Hikma

Gaia North Coast

Full Sea View


Chalet, Townhouse

G A I A is situated on the North Coast far from the maddening crowd and in the prime location of Ras El Hikma

d bay north coast




New residential leisure launching a new mix urban experience

Hacienda West North Coast




Land your feet on our boutique summer destination, Hacienda West

June Sodic


106 m


June portrays more than 280 acres of scenic coastline

Cali Coast North Coast



Chalets & Villas

Magnificent Project for family inspired by California architecture unique designs

Mountain View Ras El Hikma North Coast




Evia Mountain View North Coast is situated on Ras El Hikma Bay, A comprehensive resort spanning across a vast area.

Strategic and geographically distinctive location

Welcome to the magnificent North Coast-Sahel of Egypt! This incredible region in the northwest will sweep you off your feet with its stunning beaches, featuring golden sands and crystal-clear blue waters that create a magical atmosphere. The North Coast-Sahel spans over 1,050 kilometers of pure beach paradise. Discover the charm of North Coast-Sahel, which stretches from kilometer 21 to kilometer 105 along the Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh Road. And don’t miss the allure of the New North Coast-Sahel, starting from kilometer 120 and extending all the way to Marsa Matrouh. Each area offers its own unique experiences and breathtaking views. What sets North Coast-Sahel apart from the Red Sea coast is its flat and smooth terrain, providing an unobstructed view of the Mediterranean Sea. Imagine waking up to the gentle waves and soaking in the beauty of the sea right from your own chalet. It’s a dream come true! Whether you’re a beach enthusiast or simply seeking a fantastic vacation spot, the North Coast-Sahel has it all. Enjoy endless beach adventures, relax under the warm sun, and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Don’t miss the chance to explore chalets for sale in North Coast-Sahel for a truly amazing summer getaway in 2024.

Enjoy a delightful year-round climate and fascinating beaches

During the summer, the temperatures in the North Coast-Sahel range from a pleasant 25 to 35 degrees, giving you the perfect beach weather. In the winter, it’s a bit cooler with temperatures around 10 to 20 degrees, but still quite comfortable. One of the great things about the North Coast-Sahel is the refreshing sea breezes that come from the north and northwest. They help keep the summer heat at bay and add to the overall enjoyment of the area. When it comes to rain, the North Coast-Sahel experiences seasonal showers. The winter months, from December to February, tend to have the most rainfall. Occasionally, you might also get some light rain during the autumn and spring seasons. But don’t worry, even during the winter, the North Coast-Sahel remains warm and pleasant, making it a favorite destination for many visitors. So, whether you’re looking for a sunny summer getaway or a cozy winter escape, North Coast-Sahel has it all. Get ready to enjoy the beautiful beaches and delightful weather throughout the year.

Discover charming beaches like no other

North Coast-Sahel is home to some truly magical beaches that you won’t find anywhere else. These beaches are among the most beautiful tourist destinations in Egypt and the world. Imagine a perfect blend of natural beauty, panoramic views, modern facilities, and top-notch services. Picture yourself sinking your toes into soft, golden sands and diving into crystal-clear, turquoise waters. It’s a place where you can relax and feel refreshed in a truly enchanting atmosphere. North Coast-Sahel offers a wide variety of charming beaches that cater to different preferences. Some are nestled amidst lush green hills and natural forests, creating stunning landscapes that will leave you in awe. Others feature unique terrains with beautiful rocks and cliffs, adding a touch of adventure to your beach experience. And of course, there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained. From surfing and diving to various water sports, you’ll have a blast exploring the coastal wonders. And if you prefer a more laid-back vibe, just kick back and soak up the sun on the soft, inviting sands. Let’s take a closer look at some of these incredible beaches along North Coast-Sahel:

Alamein Beach

    • Located in the vibrant New Alamein City.
    • Known for its calm, crystal-clear waters and velvety soft sand.
    • Offers luxurious resorts, hotels, and a wide range of entertainment and sports facilities.
    • Get ready to ride the waves, go diving, or sail on a boat—it’s a water lover’s paradise.
Sidi Abdel Rahman Beach
    • Situated in the picturesque Sidi Abdel Rahman area.
    • Famous for its pristine, turquoise waters and pure white sandy shores.
    • Treat yourself to a stay in comfortable tourist resorts or even consider buying your own chalet.
    • You’ll find fantastic services like restaurants, cozy cafes, refreshing swimming pools, and rejuvenating health clubs.

Marina Beach

    • Located in the vibrant Marina area.
    • Boasts the largest marina for yachts, perfect for sailing enthusiasts.
    • Indulge in the luxurious resorts, hotels, and world-class dining options.
    • Keep yourself busy with thrilling activities like surfing, playing golf, or indulging in some retail therapy at nearby shopping centers.

New North Coast-Sahel Beach

    • Found in the northwestern part of the North Coast-Sahel, between Alamein and Marina.
    • Enjoy the pristine sandy beaches and inviting turquoise waters.
    • Take your pick from a variety of resorts, hotels, restaurants, and shops.
    • Unwind and have a blast with exciting entertainment and relaxation options, including sports facilities and thrilling water game.

Explore the best locations for purchasing chalets in North Coast-Sahel

Chalets are incredibly popular among real estate investors and a top choice for spending summer vacations in different locations along Egypt’s North Coast-Sahel. The prices of chalets for sale in the North Coast-Sahel 2024 are really attractive because all the investment projects offer chalets for sale with installment plans. Here are some of the best places:

Ras El-Hikma

It’s a beautiful coastal area in the North Coast-Sahel of Egypt. Ras El-Hikma is a special destination for tourism and investment because of its unique features and natural beauty. It’s about 200 kilometers west of Alexandria and easily accessible via the coastal highway. Ras El-Hikma stands out with its gorgeous sandy beaches and crystal-clear blue waters. You can enjoy swimming and relaxing on its private beaches. Some of the famous projects that have chalets for sale in the North Coast-Sahel with installment plans from the owner in 2024 are Mountain View Ras El-Hikma and Cali Coast by Maven Real Estate Development.

 Sidi Abdel Rahman

Sidi Abdel Rahman stretches over a vast area of about 6,200 square kilometers, which is around 300 acres. This large space allows for the development of residential, commercial, and recreational projects within the region. Sidi Abdel Rahman is known for its pristine, turquoise sea and sandy beach, creating a perfect environment for water activities and peaceful relaxation. What makes it even more special is that all the resorts in the area are modern, each with its own contemporary designs, exclusive services, and facilities, setting them apart from other resorts on the North Coast-Sahel. It’s worth mentioning that the prices of chalets for sale in the North Coast-Sahel with installment plans from the owner in 2024 offer great flexibility and competitive rates compared to other tourist destinations in Egypt. Some notable projects in Sidi Abdel Rahman like Hacienda West.

Western North Coast-Sahel

This is an exceptional tourist destination that attracts visitors with its diverse range of advantages and facilities. The region is characterized by its clean sandy beaches and crystal-clear blue waters. You can engage in activities like swimming, surfing, and diving in these beautiful beaches. The area boasts enchanting natural landscapes, featuring green hills, orchards, and vibrant gardens. It offers integrated residential, commercial, and tourist projects. Numerous residential communities have been developed, offering a variety of units for sale. You can explore various packages of chalets for sale in the North Coast-Sahel with installment plans from the owner 2024 in outstanding projects such as Gaia and Solare.

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