6 October

PX Compound By Palm Hills



77 SQM


PX Compound Palm Hills October embodies the perfect fusion of comfort, luxury, and convenience.

Hyde Park Garden Lakes




Town houses

Hyde Park Garden Lakes, tranquility and peacefulness are not just features – they are a way of life.

Club Park Mountain View iCity October



105-115 m


Embark on a journey to discover your ideal living space at Club Park Mountain View iCity October, where innovation meets comfort.

Badya by Palm Hills



90 m


Badya by Palm Hills is a creative city created with enriching culture and art-of-lifestyle mode of living

Mountain View Chillout Park

3 & 4


Town Houses, Standalone Villas

The new concept of modern living In the heart of the 6th of October City

Lagoon Beach Park @ Mountain View iCity October

2, 3 & 4

115M - 520M

Luxury Apartments & Villas

Environment that brings you a serene beach living in the heart of Cairo

Are you keeping up with the real estate market in Egypt? Look no further, just head to the vibrant neighborhoods of 6 October City! This is the place where your dreams of owning a luxurious home or making a profitable investment can come true. Major real estate companies have worked tirelessly to offer a diverse range of investment projects tailored to meet all your needs in the Egyptian real estate market. For investors seeking exceptional residential units at the heart of 6 October, this is the place to be. The city boasts a variety of investment opportunities in the real estate sector that are waiting for you. The advantages of investing in 6 October are irresistible, precisely what every real estate investor in Egypt desires.

The Lifestyle Blend

The lifestyle in 6 October combines the tranquility of European life with the vitality and spirit of Egyptian culture. Its calm streets and organized neighborhoods are adorned with abundant green spaces, creating a clean and unique environment. Moreover, the lifestyle here is warm and informal, making it one of the best cities for real estate investment in Egypt and a sought-after destination for many.

Prime Geographical Location

Its exceptional geographic location has positioned 6 October within close proximity to several vibrant areas, attracting those who appreciate the fusion of Eastern vibrancy with Western serenity and charm. Here are some notable places near 6 October: Egyptian Museum: Approximately 54 minutes away. Giza Pyramids: Approximately 49 minutes away. Cosmic City: Approximately 38 minutes away. Zayed Central Park: Approximately 37 minutes away. Smart Village: Approximately 36 minutes away. Dream Park: Approximately 27 minutes away. Media Production City: Approximately 27 minutes away. Science and Exploration City: Approximately 23 minutes away. Nile University: Approximately 23 minutes away. Mall of Arabia: Approximately 22 minutes away. Mall of Egypt: Approximately 21 minutes away. Dolphin Park Mall: Approximately 19 minutes away.

Distinctive Interior Divisions

The unique interior divisions of 6 October are among the key factors that facilitate investment within its boundaries, motivating real estate investors in Egypt to begin their journey. Many delight in acquiring residential units and enjoying exceptional living spaces in the city, enriched by a range of services and facilities that enhance the living experience. Today, we are here to provide you with insights into the most prominent districts within the city and what sets them apart:
  • Prestigious District
  • Gharb Sumed District
  • Tourism Area 6 October
  • El Bashayer District
  • District 8
  • District 7
Each of these districts boasts unique elements and features that make them ideal for real estate investment or living a fulfilling life.

6th of October Real Estate: A Secure Investment and Living Option

The real estate market in 6 October offers a variety of options, including residential, commercial, and administrative properties. Whether it’s government projects like ‘Housing for All Egyptians’ and social housing, or medium housing projects like ‘Dar Misr,’ ‘Janna,’ and ‘Sakan Misr,’ you’ll find unique units within the ‘Beit Al Watan’ projects in 6 October. Additionally, there are private projects or compounds executed by major real estate companies such as ‘Al Marseedy’ and ‘SODIC.’ These compounds offer a variety of apartments and villas for sale in 6 October. Some of the well-known compounds include Mountain View ChillOut Park and Badya. Furthermore, there are commercial and administrative complexes that include shops, stores, administrative offices, and clinics. Diverse real estate options are also available in the neighborhoods and commercial areas of 6 October.

Types of Properties for Sale in 6 October include:

  • Studio apartments with one bedroom and a living room (plus bathroom).
  • Apartments consisting of two or more rooms.
  • Duplex apartments with two levels.
  • Villas for sale in 6 October.
  • Twin and townhouses.
  • Penthouses for sale in 6 October.
  • Shops for sale in 6 October.
  • Full floors for shops and restaurants.
  • Administrative offices.
The diversity of 6 October‘s real estate market ensures options for every taste, making it an ideal destination for investment and living.

Vibrant Facilities and Services

6 October presents an excellent platform for those seeking job opportunities across various fields. It hosts major factories like Domty and Juhayna, as well as the Middle East’s BMW car factory. Furthermore, the city is home to several major companies in the digital technology and communication sector, including Vodafone, Microsoft, and more. Many startups also choose the city as their headquarters. The available services around 6 October‘s real estate properties include: Schools:
  • Leading Egyptian Language School
  • British International School
  • Othman Ibn Affan Experimental School
  • Ali Ibn Abi Talib Primary School
  • Masters Language School
  • British International School
  • October 6 University
  • Nile University
  • Al-Ahram Canadian University
Hospitals and Health Centers:
  • Tabarak Children’s Hospital in Hossary
  • Dar Al-Fouad Hospital
  • Wadi El-Hossary Hospital
  • El-Zohour Hospital
  • 6th of October University Hospital
  • El-Safwa Hospital
Sports Clubs and Gyms:
  • Ahly Club branch in 6th of October
  • Wadi Degla Club
  • 6th of October Club
  • Shooting Club
  • Gold’s Gym October
  • H2O Gym
Famous Malls and Supermarkets:
  • Bab Al Khair Supermarket
  • Metro Supermarket
  • Carrefour Supermarket
Places of Worship:
  • Al-Hossary Mosque in the 7th District
  • Fadel Mosque in West Somid
  • Al-Khulafa Al-Rashideen Mosque
  • Marina Church in October
Investing in 6 October real estate offers you a guaranteed future, whether for investment or residence. With its diverse market, attractive features, and dynamic services, 6 October is an outstanding opportunity you won’t want to miss!”

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