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ZED EAST New Cairo Compound brings extraordinary visions to life, harnessing the natural beauty of landscapes to produce a sustainable lifestyle the highest caliber.

Palm Hills – New Cairo

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Middle Ring Road


A new mixed-use community providing balance and diversity of housing types

Mountain View i City New Cairo

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Apartments - Standalone Villas

A unique project that offers you a luxurious & upscale lifestyle

Embark on a journey of profitable and secure real estate investment in New Cairo. Unlock a world of financial abundance, both near and far, with this reliable avenue. Property investment is your gateway to substantial gains, effortlessly generating extra income. It’s the ultimate refuge for those seeking stability, anchored in solid assets that safeguard your financial worth. Over time, watch your investment appreciate, securing prosperity and a life of comfort. Experience opulent living through astute and assured investment choices.

Unveiling New Cairo’s amazing location

Discover the sprawling expanse of New Cairo, spanning a colossal 70,000 acres! It encompasses iconic areas like Al Rehab, Fifth Settlement, First Settlement, and Madinaty, along with other vibrant new residential neighborhoods. Perched at an elevation of approximately 350 meters above sea level, New Cairo commands the eastern horizon of Cairo, nestled between the Cairo/Suez Desert Road and the Katameya/Ain Sokhna Road, all just a stone’s throw away from the bustling Ring Road. Positioned around 15 kilometers from Maadi and merely 5 kilometers from Nasr City, New Cairo is your gateway to modern living, convenience, and boundless opportunities. Embrace the grandeur of New Cairo, where vast landscapes meet vibrant communities

Embrace New Cairo Living: Unveiling Luxurious Delights!

Experience the pinnacle of New Cairo’s residential charm, where every day feels like a masterpiece! Revel in top-tier education with renowned institutions like the American University and Canadian International School. Immerse yourself in a world of entertainment at Family Park, Magic Store Theme Park, New Cairo Park, and the enchanting Magic Planet amusement city. Indulge in tranquil serenity, a far cry from the hustle and bustle of city life, where peace and relaxation are paramount. Discover meticulously designed interiors, wide avenues, and impeccable organization that exude elegance. Each unit ensures utmost privacy and sophistication, offering you a haven of exclusivity. Access this utopia effortlessly, thanks to its strategic location and multiple entrances. Welcome to the epitome of New Cairo living – where luxury becomes your reality!

New Cairo’s Coveted Districts: Unveiling Urban Treasures!

Venture into the heart of New Cairo’s vibrant neighborhoods, where luxury and convenience intertwine, with some extraordinary areas taking center stage: Fifth Settlement: Renowned as the crown jewel of New Cairo, the Fifth Settlement showcases an array of premium compounds – a seamless blend of residential and commercial excellence. Nestled within the Fifth Settlement is the illustrious Golden Square, the beating heart of the district. Anchored by North Ninety Street and South Ninety Street, it ensures effortless connectivity and bustling vitality. First Settlement: Embrace a life of tranquility and purity in the First Settlement, where exceptional projects harmonize with unparalleled amenities. Escape the noise and pollution as you discover an idyllic haven for elevated living. Third Settlement: A cornerstone of New Cairo’s history, the Third Settlement boasts an array of diverse services and facilities. Amidst its embrace, the prestigious German University stands, offering an oasis of privacy and security, all while nourishing your thirst for knowledge. Unlock the essence of New Cairo’s finest districts – where opulence, accessibility, and tranquility intertwine seamlessly!

Residential Properties in New Cairo

New Cairo has witnessed an overwhelming demand for residential units in recent years, driven by several crucial factors:
  1. Diverse Residential Compounds and Units: The availability of a wide range of residential compounds, units, and spaces.
  2. Integrated Services: The spread of educational, medical, and commercial services throughout the city.
  3. Exquisite Urban Planning: The superb division and architectural planning of the area according to the latest construction standards.
  4. Elevated Social Status: The residents’ transition to a refined social level through advanced lifestyles.
  5. Comfort and Luxury: The prevalence of convenience and luxury amenities in most residential projects.
  6. Varied Price Ranges: Price disparities among projects, enabling customers to choose the suitable residential project.
  7. Ongoing Urban Development: The ongoing urban development in the region makes it the best choice for integrated living.

Commercial, Administrative, and Medical Properties in New Cairo

“Stay in the Secure Zone” – it appears that the slogan for investors seeking commercial, administrative, or medical properties for immediate business ventures aligns with New Cairo. It’s their top choice due to its integrated city nature with a continually increasing population density. This progression opens doors for their projects to thrive and expand on a larger scale. The high population density in New Cairo translates to an increased consumer base for goods and services. This substantially enhances the success prospects of various projects. With varying price ranges accommodating everyone, New Cairo offers secure investment opportunities, allowing every buyer to choose units that suit their capabilities, whether for purchase or rental.

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