New Capital

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Step into the future with the New Administrative Capital, a visionary marvel unveiled in March 2015, during the Egypt Economic Development Conference (EEDC). Brace yourself for a revolutionary urban masterpiece, poised to become the heart of innovation, governance, and prosperity. Imagine a city designed to ease the bustling burden on Cairo, a fresh haven for administration, economy, and life. The Administrative Capital boldly promises to house the presidential headquarters, ministries, embassies, parliament, and all governmental institutions in a single, synchronized symphony. But that’s just the beginning. This dynamic destination is set to welcome you with opulent neighborhoods, bustling service hubs, and a vibrant tapestry of investments, corporations, and global financial giants. Hold onto your seats, because an astronomical budget—nearly a staggering $45 billion—has been earmarked for this colossal economic venture, a magnetic force drawing investments like moths to a flame. And let’s talk tech—brace yourself for the first smart city in Egypt. The Administrative Capital is gearing up to redefine modern living by weaving cutting-edge technology into the very fabric of its existence. It’s not just about comfort; it’s about sculpting a sustainable haven where technology orchestrates a harmonious future. In a world of uncertainty, the New Administrative Capital is a beacon of promise, beckoning you to be a part of its pioneering journey toward a seamlessly integrated tomorrow. Don’t just watch the future unfold—be a part of its extraordinary tale.

Distinctive Division

Embark on an epic journey within the sprawling canvas of the Administrative Capital, an expanse so vast it almost mirrors the entirety of Singapore. Picture a grand tapestry of development, intricately woven across three distinct phases that tell a tale of innovation, demand, and a future realized. The inaugural phase, spanning a colossal 40,000 acres, stands as a testament to both precision and demand, with an impressive 70% already completed. It’s a timeline that defies standards and echoes the clamor of developers eager to leave their mark. Brace yourself for the second act—a 47,000-acre stage that’s ready to unfold. And then, there’s the crescendo, the final chapter sprawled across a staggering 97,000 acres. A symphony of construction that unites to form a masterpiece of approximately 170,000 acres. In the heart of it all, a commitment to sustainable living takes root. Renewable and solar energies shall power this metropolis of tomorrow, setting a precedent that blends progress with environmental consciousness. But that’s not all; behold the sanctuary of lushness, where green spaces reign supreme. An astounding 14,000 acres, out of the 40,000, are dedicated to the Green Belt, a haven of nature that envelops the first phase, joined by the grandeur of Capital Park. Imagine a park so vast, it rivals New York’s iconic Central Park.

Amazing Features

Embark on a journey through the Administrative Capital’s most captivating projects and landmarks—a city that radiates uniqueness.. Experience The Cathedral of the Nativity in Cairo, a haven of spirituality across 15 acres. Accommodating 8,200 souls, it embodies architectural marvel and cultural significance. From a Coptic Church museum to a papal headquarters, it stands as the Middle East’s largest cathedral, illuminating Christmas Eve of 2019. Navigate The Green River, a 35-kilometer-long artery coursing through the capital’s heart. Divided into nature-inspired trees, public gardens, and cultural hubs, it epitomizes urban planning brilliance. Lastly, there’s Capital Park—a 1,000-acre sanctuary of tranquility, twice the size of Central Park. A serene haven amidst urban life, inviting you to bask in nature’s embrace. Welcome to the Administrative Capital—where landmarks weave tales of grandeur, and urban living reaches new heights.

Significant amenities

Enriching the Fabric of the Administrative Capital: Global Education, Elevated Lifestyle, and Modern Infrastructure

Diverse Academic Excellence

In the heart of the Administrative Capital, a thriving hub of education takes shape. A consortium of around 12 foreign universities, adorned with top-tier professors and a spectrum of disciplines, shall redefine higher learning. Already gracing this haven is the Canadian University, spanning 30 acres, with the likes of American, British, German, Gulf, Prince Edward, Mont Clare, and Arizona Universities joining the academic tapestry.

Elevated Learning

Nurturing young minds, the Administrative Capital ushers in a tapestry of international schools—over 50 in number. From private language schools to Japanese institutions, the educational spectrum caters to all. Emerging jewels include Jesus Heart School, Sahara International School, ICI School, and more, fostering holistic growth.

Gateway to the World

A new era of connectivity soars with a state-of-the-art international airport, spanning 16 kilometers. A beacon near the convention center and exhibition city, this gateway fuels tourism and travel. Serving eastern Cairo, El Shorouk, Heliopolis, and Badr cities, the airport boasts 8 car parks, 45 buildings, an observation tower, and advanced security systems, ensuring a seamless journey.

Retail Splendor

Elevating retail therapy, the Administrative Capital embraces a myriad of high-end malls. Mecca for shopaholics, Paris East Mall, Midtown Mall, and Zaha Park Mall herald a shopping paradise of international brands and endless indulgence. Welcome to the Administrative Capital—where academia, lifestyle, and infrastructure unite to redefine living.

A World of Living Possibilities in the Administrative Capital

Elevated Living Environments

Nestled within the Administrative Capital, residential projects are masterpieces adorned with captivating vistas, lush greenery, and serene industrial lakes. This symphony of elements crafts an ambiance of purity and wellness, offering residents the epitome of tranquility amidst high-quality architectural aesthetics.

Architectural Brilliance

With an architectural essence that resonates luxury, the residential buildings span 7 floors, each boasting a spacious 580-square-meter footprint. A basement and garage accompany every residential unit, ensuring convenience and ample space.

Diverse Living Spaces

The Administrative Capital unveils a bouquet of living spaces for every preference. Choose from a variety of units including apartments, duplexes, villas, and townhouses, each exquisitely designed to cater to distinct tastes.

Apartment Elegance

Apartments extend from 70 to 280 square meters, offering a range of options to suit individual needs. The designs epitomize sophistication while providing residents with ample space for comfortable living.

Duplex Opulence

Discover the allure of duplex apartments, spanning from 255 to 575 square meters. These luxurious spaces seamlessly blend style and functionality, redefining modern living.

Villa and Townhouse Excellency

For those seeking grandeur, villas and townhouses beckon, ranging from 280 to 950 square meters. With options that vary in size, these residences offer the epitome of privacy, often accompanied by private gardens and garages.

Business and Commerce at Your Doorstep

Beyond residential marvels, the Administrative Capital presents units for commercial and administrative use. Strategically positioned in various malls, the financial and business district, and the Medical City, these spaces cater to the dynamic needs of modern life. Elevate your lifestyle in the Administrative Capital—where living spaces harmonize luxury, wellness, and endless possibilities.
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