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El Ain El Sokhna

All you need to know about projects in El Ain El Sokhna

The best places to unwind and numerous tourist villages can be found in El Ain El Sokhna, which is a popular destination for many. It is noteworthy for its advantageous location on the Red Sea coast and close to the Cairo Governorate.

One of the vacation and investment destinations in Suez Governorate is El Ain El Sokhna, which is located along the Gulf of Suez’s coast and offers views of the Red Sea. The sulfur springs in Ain Sukhna, which draw medicinal tourists, are the reason behind the town’s name.

A Journey into Luxury, and Natural Beauty at El Ain El Sokhna:

The existence of El Galala Mount in its extension, contains a harbor called El Ain El Sokhna and several ruins date back to 4.000 years. It stands out for being 22.3 square kilometers in size, and large, eye-catching tourist settlements have sprung up there, making it one of the most stunning tourist destinations.

El Ain El Sokhna: The Rising Coastal Haven for Investors and Tourists Alike

Up till now, coastal investors have turned to Ain Sokhna projects as a destination and numerous projects are still being established there. Due to its abundance of stunning tourist spots and exciting entertainment venues expansive areas are also regarded as top travel destinations. Visitors come from all over the world to El Ain El Sokhna to enjoy these attractions.

El Ain El Sokhna: A Serene Retreat for All Seasons Amidst Stunning Natural Beauty

El Ain El Sokhna is regarded as one of the most picturesque tourist destinations, set apart by its ambiance. Above all, people think of it as a location where they may enjoy summer and winter vacations. It takes pleasure in breathtaking vistas and unique natural settings.

Additionally, I called for the hot springs in Suez’s Ataka Mountain. In addition to having a variety of tourist villages on the Red Sea coast, which is known for its crystal-clear water and coral reefs, the sulfur springs that are used for healing are situated in a city that is unique among geographical locations due to its proximity to Suez, the epicenter of the historical struggle for the great Egyptian people—gorgeous aquatic life of every type and a beach devoid of rocks.


El Ain El Sokhna


  1. IL Monte Galala by Tatweer Misr Developments

Location of IL Monte Galala Resort:

Tatweer Misr selected an extremely advantageous site for the village of IL Monte Galala, El Ain, El Sokhna. It was situated in El Ain Sokhna region, close to the city of Galala, at the base of a mountain that rises above sea level between Galala mountain ranges and the Gulf of Suez.

  • The distance between IL Monte Galala, El Ain El Sokhna and Porto Sokhna is 11 km.
  • 150 miles separates IL Monte Galala Resort from Cairo.

Area of IL Monte Galala resort:

The 530 acres that make up the IL Monte Galala El Ain El Sokhna project are divided into 2.2 million square meters, and a beach length of 1300 meters. Of that total, 15% is made up of buildings, while the remaining portion is made up of landscapes and services. IL Monte Galala project was constructed as five terraces perched above one another at varying heights. 220 square meters of lush green were spread out over the area, which gave each living unit in the resort a unique perspective of the picturesque surroundings. One of the loveliest El Ain El Sokhna initiatives, in our opinion, is Il Monte.


  • Green areas and landscapes
  • Two hotels
  • Hotel services
  • Swimming pools
  • Sports fields
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Direct access to the beach
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Shopping centers
  • Beach Club.

2. Kai El Sokhna Resort

Location of Kai El Sokhna:

The town of Kai El Ain El Sokhna was founded in a highly notable location that offers numerous benefits, such as proximity to important cities and the administrative capital. As a result, the client will be able to make use of both Kai Ain Sokhna’s services and the new administrative capital’s services, which also offer a sophisticated and tranquil way of life.

The compound’s space area:

Misr Italia was eager to set aside a sizable portion for the project’s construction because she thought that this would enable the project to be carried out as best she could, with all the facilities and services required to turn it into an integrated city with stand-alone services.

The project was constructed on a 1,200-meter-long beach with smooth, white sand and pristine waters, covering an area of over 147,000 square meters. Just 150 meters are separating the project’s furthest unit and the ocean.


  • Areas and eateries set aside to provide a private space for women
  • Women’s health facilities that provide a comprehensive range of medical services
  • A section containing the most well-known eateries, cafés, and global companies
  • A combined Aqua Park and water gaming area, including several kid-friendly games.
  • Located in the village of Kai El Ain El Sokhna, the Hilton Kai Hotel offers resort guests the best possible hotel service.
  • Assign parking spots in advance to reduce traffic.
  • Crystal Lagoons, which were created for the first time using an engineering degree, around the majority of the resort.
  • Falling waterfalls surrounded by glistening lakes and azure waters.
  • Azha Ain Sokhna Village

3. Azha Ain Sokhna Village’s location:

This village has every amenity one could want for a tourism destination. Nothing that could improve your happiness or make your life easier or more opulent has been missed. Whether, because of its distinctive location or its turquoise sandy beach, the Azha El Ain El Sokhna project was intended to be among the best and most opulent resorts in Ain Sokhna.

Azha Ain Sokhna is situated toward Suez in the center of the picturesque city of El Ain El Sokhna. The town is situated near the Cairo Governorate, which is only 126 kilometers away.

Compound area:

The village of Azha El Ain El Sokhna is situated immediately on the sea on a 400-acre plot of land. It also boasts a sizable 700-meter-wide soft sand beach. In Azha El Ain El Sokhna village, the proportion of buildings is not higher than 13%. The remainder of the resort is made up of swimming pools and landscapes, and it is also thought to be a very good percentage that offers many amenities.


  • Spanning 270 thousand square meters, the largest Crystal Lagoons.
  • The whole family will enjoy strolling and exercising in Central Park.
  • International hotels with three, five, and seven stars offer top-notch services to resort visitors.
  • The village clubhouse’s beach is a particularly great place to entertain patrons.
  • For further pleasure and relaxation, there’s an integrated recreational area called Downtown Azha near the village entrance.
  • Cafés and restaurants.
  • In addition, there are six social centers, a health club, and sports fields.
  • There are public swimming pools and various-sized swimming pools within the apartments.
  • Golf-car.
  • All day long, guards and security.

4. La Vista Sokhna Resort

El Ain El Sokhna Village’s location:

The developer has been successful in selecting this special position to be the site of La Vista El Ain El Sokhna Resort because Ain Sokhna, the gem of the Red Sea, is a straightforward description of the beauty of that area directly on the seashore.

The location is crucial to the success of the La Vista project because it is near many significant facilities and upscale tourist villages, which give the area a unique atmosphere. It is also conveniently located on key roads, making it easier to get to and from the La Vista El Ain El Sokhna resort.


  • With its tiered architecture, each unit offers a unique view of the seashore, giving this upmarket resort a distinctive architectural style.
  • The creative use of green spaces to round the La Vista project and pierce between the apartments gives the occupants essential seclusion.
  • Having a distinctive holiday at any time of year is made easy by the property’s excellent location in the center of El Ain El Sokhna, which is conveniently accessible from many areas.
  • The entire area is filled with water features, such as the eye-catching man-made lakes and the expansive crystal lagoon at the heart of the La Vista project, in addition to other exquisite fountains.
  • A sizable aqua park inside La Vista Resort offers enjoyable beach games to add to the enjoyment and fun of the experience.

5. Bay mount El Ain El Sokhna

Perched atop one of El Ain El Sokhna’s tallest peaks, Bay Mount offers unmatched vistas and a serene setting. Residents and tourists from all over the world will be drawn to the warm, multicultural atmosphere because Cairo is only 90 minutes away by car, and yachters visiting by boat may dock at the stunning Al Galala Resort and Marina, which is only a short stroll from Bay Mount. Porto El Sokhna is 10 kilometers away.

The compound’s area:

  • The project spans 76 acres and includes a 10-acre private beach with a 350-meter beach width. It is one of the highest projects in El Ain El Sokhna, rising from 47 meters to 240 meters above sea level. The village of Bay Mount Sokhna is situated on this land.


  • Landscape constructions created a 5-star hotel, clubhouse, 2 commercial strips, adventure park, 3500 m kids park, and water splash park. – Golf car stations – Mountain elevators – Outdoor gym -22 infinity pools, a boat deck, a floating restaurant, a BBQ area, and a fully finished kitchen and bathroom with air conditioning.

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