Mostakbal City 2024 : An Integrated Green City in New Cairo

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Creating a Whole of Life in Mostakbal City

Creating a Whole of Life in Mostakbal City

Families and individuals who are thinking about moving to a new city always look for a place that meets their needs and offers a wealth of resources Cities with more amenities and entertainment alternatives tend to attract more people, which can be moving reasons.

  • Residential Areas: Making up about 54.1% of the city, these areas offer plenty of space for residents to live.
  • Commercial Areas: Accounting for about 22.7%, to promote a lively business environment.
  • Landscaped Areas: Making up 23.2% of the city’s total area, to provide visually appealing natural scenery.

Connecting all 5 phases of Mostakbal City, it runs through a major commercial spine and provides residents with access to a variety of services.

  • Nurseries, Schools, and Universities.
  • Athletic Club.
  • Retail stores.
  • International brands.
  • Gas stations.
  • Entertainment venues.
  • Banks and ATMs.
  • Medical clinics.
  • Restaurants and cafes.

Essentially, Mostakbal City is designed with great care to provide its residents with smooth integration and a future that has been thoroughly considered Within the most prestigious compounds of Mostakbal City, it is an appealing option for those looking to provide a good future for their family with a variety of foreign schools and specialized services.

Mostakbal City Projects:

Mostakbal City, which was developed as a smart, green metropolis in the center of Cairo, presents real estate tycoons with a profitable investment opportunity. Additionally, Mostakbal City developments are constructed to international standards and provide people with a distinctive and luxurious lifestyle.

1-      Bloomfields – An Evergreen Society

  • Tatweer Misr’s super mega project, Bloomfields, is one of Egypt’s leading green community-supporting real estate enterprises.
  • The idea behind Bloomfields Mostakbal City is to establish an environmentally conscious community that elevates people’s definition of happiness by going above and beyond what they would expect from opulent metropolitan projects.
  • With a vast range of services and facilities provided by the project for a continuous cycle. Similar to Bloomfields, all of the following services are readily available to you:
  • Commercial area
  • Kids’ area
  • Swimming pools
  • Parking lots
  • Clubhouse
  • Clinics and pharmacies
  • Jacuzzi

Units type in Bloomfield Mostakbal City:

Tatweer Misr allows you to pick your favorite type of unit, with a selection of different spaces. The available units are villas- apartments- and townhouses starting from 75 Sqm.

2-      Haptown Mostakbal City

  • Hassan Allam established “Haptown “, as one of the greatest complexes in Mostakbal City, on a massive 243 Feddan plot of land.
  • If you’re searching for an opulent residential neighborhood that offers you a prestigious lifestyle and is just 10 minutes from Hyde Park New Cairo.

Explore services offered to gain a visual understanding of how luxury is given in the Compound:

  • Sports Club
  • Commercial Plaza
  • Administrative Office
  • Security
  • Gardens

Apartments in Haptown Mostakbal City & Payment Process

Hassan Allam offers a bundle of luxurious apartments & villas in different spaces, pick yours now:

The minimum space in the project is 115 Sqm, with only a 5% down payment.

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3-      Green Square Mostakbal City
  • Developed by Al Ahly Sabbour, Green Square Compound is ranked third among the greatest compounds in Mostakbal City.
  • The project’s level of refinement, elegance, and fulfillment is modeled after the European way of life. With an unparalleled design that is intended to please the eyes and uplift the spirit, it is dominated by lush green spaces.
  • The project spanned 80 Feddans in the most strategic locations for the placement of multipurpose facilities that cater to residential regions. Examine the services that are offered:
  • Commercial Mall
  • Spa
  • Sporting Club
  • Kids’ area
  • Parking lots
  • Restaurants & cafes

Apartments in Green Square & How to Pay

Al Ahly Sabbour meets your desires by offering different types of apartments & villas:

  • The average space of a 3-bedroom apartment is 156 m²
  • All you need is to pay a 5% down payment to book your place in one of the best Al Ahly Sabbour Compounds.

4-      Il Bosco Mostakbal City

  • Misr Italia created a brand-new, environmentally friendly method that views the natural world as an essential building site.
  • The development employs contemporary design solutions to bridge the gap between breathtaking natural surroundings and seamless integration.
  • Surprisingly, vegetation features will be photographed as the major feature of the structure rather than just a backdrop from your balcony.
  • You can examine these offered services in greater detail to see the advantages of having an apartment in Il Bosco.
  • Swimming pools
  • International School
  • Health club
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Sporting club
  • Security
  • Jacuzzi

Apartments available in Il Bosco Mostakbal City

The space of apartments in il Bosco starts from 140 Sqm.

5-      City of Odyssia

Because of its innovative stamp, the breakthrough that Sabbour Company accomplished in Mostakbal City needs to be highlighted. The City of Odyssia is transforming a massive 580 Feddan plot of land into a new kind of luxury where even the slightest details exude elegance.

Odyssia provides top-notch facilities and services that elevate your daily experience.

  • 5-star hotel
  • Bridge
  • Shopping centre “Trail Boulevard”
  • International School
  • Nursery
  • Health Club
  • Security
  • Kids’ area

Twin houses, independent villas, duplexes, and apartments are just a few of the fantastic unit options offered in Odyssia thanks to Sabbour Company’s understanding of the diverse interests and expectations of its residents.

Apartments begin at 133 square meters, while villas begin at 226 square meters.

By just requesting a 5% down payment and extending the installment period up to 10 years, the company facilitates payment.

Through creative concepts, Aliva Mountain View Design and Stages Mountain View Company seeks to offer a variety of exquisite, opulent, and superior residential experiences that allow guests to discover a multitude of modern and natural worlds.

Aliva Mountain View in Mostakbal City occupies a total of 638 Feddan of land, which is split into 5 main areas: “River park- Field park- Club park- Lagoon-Heart work -Mv5”. Each area has a unique theme and a variety of amenities and activities to offer.

  • Green spaces
  • Clubhouse
  • Shopping mall
  • Swimming pools
  • 15-meter corniche connecting the gardens with running, walking, and cycling tracks
  • Restaurants
  • Security cameras
  • 24/7 security
  • Social and Sports Club
  • Gym, Spa and Jacuzzi
  • Clinics and pharmacies
  • International schools

And in the new offering offered by FIFA Future City in 2024

Apartments with spaces:

  • Starting from 115m

Any villa (roof/garden):

  • Starting From 190 m²


  • Townhouses start from 210m

Standalone Villas

  • With an area starting from 260 square meters

By just requesting a 5% down payment and extending the installment period up to 8 years, the company facilitates payment.

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