North coast-Sahel

OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic


North Coast, Egypt

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Area size

From 223 SQM


Sea View



Approximate Locations

El Alamain Intel Airport
55 min
Marassi Water world
57 min
Fouka Bay
10 min
15 min

Project Benefits

OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic: Your Gateway to Timeless Luxury

Whether you seek a permanent residence or a holiday retreat, OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic offers an unbeatable opportunity where every detail is carefully crafted to exceed expectations. Secure your place in this unparalleled community, ensuring your stake in a lifestyle defined by luxury, tranquility, and unparalleled beauty.


Feature & Amenities

OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic
CCTV Monitoring
OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic
OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic
OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic
Swimming Pool
OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic
Relaxed & Healthy life style
OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic
Community center
OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic
Landscaped Gardens
OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic
Hotel Facilities
OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic
Hotel Apartments
OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic
Room Service
OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic
Fitness Zone
OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic
Commercial Area
OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic
OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic
Beach Club House
OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic
OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic
Yoga Corner
OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic
Laidback Beach
Sunset Beach
Elevated Beach Restaurant
escape nooks
Escape Nooks
Heavenly Ponds
Green Island
Green Island
Immersive Seating
Immersive Seating
Meditation & Yoga
Meditation & Yoga
Lounging Setting
Lounging Setting
Living Pool
Living Pool
NOBU Experience
NOBU Experience
Beach Town
Beach Town
Pool Bar
Pool Bar
Rooftop Restaurant
Rooftop Restaurant
Beach Outdoor Gym
Luxury Sports Clubhouse
Playful Stone
White Noise
Retail Village
Party Pool
Fine Dining
Racquet Club

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OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic: Serenity Redefined, Luxury Perfected

Nestled along the pristine shores of the north coast ras alhekma and developed in partnership with the renowned global name “Nobu Hospitality”, OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic and Al Dar Properties, inspired by Japan’s serene islands, offers a rare opportunity to embrace a lifestyle of tranquility and luxury. Named after an island renowned for its breathtaking sunsets, OGAMI promises a harmonious fusion of Japanese elegance and coastal allure.

Superb Location

OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic and Al Dar Properties s in an exceptional location in one of the most stunning areas in the North Coast—Ras El Hekma Bay. To pinpoint its exact location, the resort is located at kilo 204 on the International Coastal Road, also known as the Alexandria – Marsa Matrouh Road.

The resort is surrounded by prestigious projects, including:

Embrace Tranquil Living

OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic and Al Dar Properties, spans 440 acres, offering a captivating resort experience. Imagine strolling on the sandy beaches, feeling the sun’s warmth and sea breeze, while discovering amenities tailored to your every passion. OGAMI offers an exclusive retreat, ensuring privacy for every resident. Units built across just 15% of the total project area, the development boasts 11km of relaxing lagoons and 800 meters of pristine beachfront.

Key Features of OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic:

  • Footprint: units occupy only 15% of the total area, maximizing open space and natural surroundings.
  • Lagoons: Extends over 11km, providing water feature throughout the development.
  • Beachfront: Boasts 800 meters of pristine beachfront, ensuring direct access to the sandy shore.
  • Water Views: all units offer stunning views of the water, enhancing the living experience.
  • Swimmable Lagoons: 120,000 m² of swimmable lagoons for leisure and relaxation.
  • Housing Composition: Designed for residential diversity with 80% villas and townhouses and 20% Chalets and apartments.
  • Orientation: 80% of units face north, optimizing natural light and attractive sea breeze.
  • Nobu Partnership: Features a prestigious Nobu hotel, restaurant, and branded residences within the development.
  • Sandy Beach: 100% white sandy beachfront without rocks, ideal for relaxation and entertaining activities.
  • Elevations: Varied elevations ranging from 3.5 meters to 28 meters above sea level, ensuring diverse views:
    • Up to 21 meters offers full sea views, with some views available from the 1st floor 
    • Above 21 meters, views include lagoon or landscape vistas.
  • Fully Finished: All Townhouses and Villas in OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic and Al Dar Properties are fully finished with AC, ensuring immediate enjoyment upon occupancy.

Amenities Designed for Blissful Living

At OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic, every aspect of life is enriched by thoughtful amenities.

  • Sunset Beach
  • Escape nooks
  • Blissful ponds
  • Elevated beach restaurant
  • Lagoons
  • Spa
  • Wellness hub
  • Clubhouse
  • Multi-purpose courts
  • Beach town
  • Retail village
  • Pool bar
  • Cafés
  • Rooftop restaurants
  • Gyms
Masterfully Crafted Living Spaces

Choose from a range of luxurious residences that redefine seaside living. From the magnificence of the Shoreline Mansions, featuring expansive interiors and private courtyards, to the Beachside Villas and Seascape Villas that offer seamless indoor-outdoor living, each home at OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic is carefully designed for comfort and elegance. With 60% of units offering breathtaking water views and options ranging from cozy townhouses to spacious mansions, there’s a perfect home for every discerning buyer.

Unit Types at OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic:

  • Shoreline Mansion: 11 units with 6 bedrooms, 2 floors, 1000 m² area, and extensive living spaces on 2500 m² land, featuring double-height entrances and accommodations for nannies and drivers.
  • Beachside Villa: Offers 5 bedrooms (all ensuite) on one level with a 490 m² area, rooftop access, and a double-height entrance, situated on 900 m² land with separate driver and nanny rooms.
  • Seascape Villa: Features 4 bedrooms (all ensuite) on a single floor, covering 350 m², with rooftop access and a double-height entrance, set on 750 m² land with accommodations for drivers and nannies.
  • Dusk Villa: 4 bedrooms (all ensuite) spread across 2 floors, with one bedroom on the ground level, a 310 m² area, and a double-height entrance on 400 m² land.
  • Bayview Villa: Comprises 3 bedrooms (all ensuite) over 2 floors with an average area of 250 m², including driver and nanny rooms, and a double height entrance on 340 m² land.
  • Rays Twin Villa: Offers 4 bedrooms (all ensuite) on 2 floors, covering 265 m², with a nanny room, on 290 m² land.
  • Sunset Townhouse: Includes 3 bedrooms over 2 floors with an average area of 223 m². Corner units feature a ground-floor bedroom and first-floor bedrooms, covering 245 m² land. Middle units have all bedrooms on the first floor, on 190 m² land.
Payment Plan:

Flexible payment plan, making the investment in OGAMI by SODIC more accessible and suitable for buyers.

  • 5% Down payment
  • 8 years installments
Unmatched Investment Opportunity

Developed in partnership with renowned global names like Nobu, OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic and Al Dar Properties promises not just a home, but a legacy investment. The integration of a Nobu hotel, restaurant, and branded residences further enhances the allure and exclusivity of this coastal haven. Each unit at OGAMI represents a blend of opulence and prestige.

Discover OGAMI Today

Don’t miss your chance to be part of OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic and Al Dar Properties exclusive community. Contact us today and explore why OGAMI is the ultimate destination for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

About SODIC Developments

Founded in 1996, SODIC Developments is a pioneer in reshaping Egypt’s real estate landscape. With a strong belief in the potential of suburban areas, away from Cairo’s bustling streets, SODIC has consistently aimed to enhance the quality of life for residents while delivering exceptional returns to investors. Over the years, SODIC has earned a reputation for delivering diverse planned spaces that blend modern amenities with environmental consciousness.

With a portfolio that includes prominent developments like Eastown, June, and now OGAMI, SODIC continues to set benchmarks in the real estate market in Egypt. Each project is a testament to their dedication to creating vibrant communities. By collaborating with global partners and leveraging international expertise, SODIC ensures that all developments meet global standards of excellence while remaining deeply rooted in Egyptian culture and heritage.

Invest with Confidence

Investing in OGAMI Ras El Hekma By Sodic means not just acquiring a property, but becoming part of a legacy of excellence and innovation. Whether you’re looking for a lucrative investment opportunity or seeking a luxurious retreat, OGAMI offers both, supported by SODIC’s track record of delivering value and exceeding expectations.

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