Sidi Abdel Rahman: The ultimate guide reveals the breathtaking beauty

Sidi Abdel Rahman

Sidi Abderrahmane is the perfect summer resort. Enjoyment and fun will be the main focus of your days on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, thanks to its luxurious resorts and crystal-clear turquoise beaches. Some of the best beach destinations and luxury tourist villages are in the North Coast region. You will still enjoy the same privileged lifestyle in Cairo with services available anytime and everywhere, but with access to the beach and opportunities to relax and enjoy the charming turquoise beaches and soft sand. We will now give you a tour of the most important villages of Sidi Abdel Rahman.

About Sidi Abdel Rahman the most luxurious beach in Egypt

One of the greatest places in Egypt right now is Sidi Abdel Rahman, particularly in the North Coast region. It is also regarded as one of the most significant and excellent locations on the Mediterranean coast, by visitors and residents from Egypt and other countries because of its breathtaking natural beauty.

The state has also recently given the Sidi Abdel Rahman area attention because of its natural features and distinctive qualities. As we can see, Egyptian government officials and those in charge of the area’s development have recognized the need to utilize the natural spaces in the area, and they have already resorted to special development and development plans, which include paving roads and villages. The following lines will provide more information about the Sidi Abdel Rahman North Coast area.

Where is Sidi Abdel Rahman?

The Sidi Abdel Rahman area is 120 kilometers from Alexandria and is thought to be close to Al Alamein city, about 30 kilometers away. Because of its location, it is the most significant area on the North Coast, and its proximity to Al Al Alamein City gives it even more significance.

It’s crucial to note that the area was the greatest option for all customers and investors due to its accessibility to numerous key locations and highways. Here are a few of them:

  • Sidi Abd El-Rahman is about 120 kilometers away from Alexandria.
  • The Sidi Abdel Rahman area is very close to Al Alamein city.
  • The area is about 190 kilometers from Marsa Matrouh.
  • The area is very close to the Sidi Abdel Rahman Hotel.
  • Cairo: The area is about 90 minutes away from the capital.
  • Sidi Abdel Rahman is located near major roads such as  North Coast Road, Wadi El Natroun, and the International Coastal Road.
  • The area is close to several famous tourist areas, including where World War II was fought.

Sidi Abdel Rahman Villages’ characteristics

Sidi Abdel Rahman Villages has a plethora of fantastic amenities and characteristics that make it an excellent spot for tourists to visit and enjoy entertainment services, such as:

Essential services: The villages of Sidi Abdel Rahman offer a wide range of fundamental services, such as the following:

Schools and universities: Tahya Misr Primary School, Sidi Abdel Rahman North Coast School, Moaz Ibn Jabal Preparatory School for Girls, and Al Alamein International University are just a few of the several schools and universities in the Sidi Abdel Rahman region.

Luxury Hotels: This outstanding village has prestigious hotels, such as The G Hotel, Marseille Beach 4, Marassi North Coast, and Amwaj, that provide excellent services and sophistication.

Safety and Security: Because of the numerous security guards and electronic gates incorporated into the project to ensure safety and security, the Sidi Abdel Rahman area benefits from a high level of protection.

Recreation services: The settlements of Sidi Abdel Rahman, North Coast, offer recreational services. These include:

Waterparks village: The largest water park, Magic Water Park, is in the Sidi Abdel Rahman villages. It is regarded as an entertainment area with various water sports that the whole family can enjoy, have a great day, and create lifelong memories.

International Park: There is a sizable international park with swings and other recreational areas inside the Sidi Abdel Rahman communities.

Porto Marina Village: The resort offers places to eat, drink, and relax with your loved ones, including unique cafés, restaurants, and entertainment areas.

Villages along Sidi Abdel Rahman’s North Coast

Because of its advantageous position, the Sidi Abdel Rahman area has a sizable market. Additionally, because numerous real estate developers operate in the area, the villages of the Sidi Abdel Rahman North Coast vary widely:

  1. Hacienda White North Coast:

One of the nicest villages in Sidi Abdel Rahman is Hacienda White North Coast, at Kilo 140 of Alexandria Road. It is thought to have amazing features and can be the loveliest place to enjoy with your family and friends.

Enjoy a variety of spaces ranging in size from 145 to 261 square meters. Hacienda White North Coast is regarded as one of the quietest villages, offering serene surroundings, lovely views, and flawless faces. The village also boasts fantastic amenities, including swimming pools, entertainment areas, gyms, health clubs, and paths for running and walking.

  1. Plage Mountain View Sidi Abdel Rahman:

The concept of happiness, which Mountain View Development Company incorporates into all of its projects, is something the company never stops spreading. It’s important to note that some of its most recent projects are in Sidi Abd El-Rahman, the best area on the North Coast, in Kilo 124, near the international coastal road, 15 minutes from Marassi Village, 35 minutes from Al Alamein Airport, 5 minutes from Hacienda Bay and Mountain View Ras El Hekma.

With its Greek architectural style and stunning view of the Mediterranean beach, the village’s design is very suitable. The project’s prices are also very reasonable, as the customer can choose the unit without being constrained by financial concerns because the payment installment is an up to 8-year installment plan.

  1. Hacienda Bay North Coast:

Situated at Kilo 200 on Alexandria Matrouh Road, Hacienda Bay North Coast is one of the nicest communities in Sidi Abdel Rahman and is owned by Palm Hills Developments, one of the best development businesses in Egypt.

The units at Hacienda Bay North Coast range from chalets to townhouses, twin houses, and villas. It’s important to note that Hacienda Bay North Coast makes up no more than 75% of the entire area; the remaining 25% artificial lakes, gardens, and green spaces.

  1. The Waterway North Coast:

One of the nicest villages in Sidi Abdel Rahman is the Waterway North Coast, which spans 124 acres and has spaces starting at 68 square meters. It is located near Dabaa Road, Borg El Arab, and Ras El Hikma, and is about 20 minutes by car from Alamein city.

Unit types available on Waterway North Coast, include standalone villas, chalets, twin houses, townhouses, penthouses, and duplexes. Equity Developments has chosen to provide payment plans at appropriate costs, with a 5% down payment and the remainder installments spread out over ten years.

Why investing in Sidi Abdel Rahman’s top villages is an excellent choice?

The exceptional location: Sidi Abdel Rahman North shore communities are in a very favorable area on the Mediterranean shore. This special location puts them near all amenities, both recreational and utilitarian.

A wise future investment: Purchasing a chalet or vacation rental in one of the Sidi Abdel Rahman villages is wise because these communities will undoubtedly see a significant increase in value in the future. Additionally, if you choose to sell your unit at any point, you will profit handsomely from the transaction.

Excellent services: The Sidi Abdel Rahman villages offer a wide range of services, from basic to recreational, including restaurants, cafes, stores, mosques, and some that let you unwind and feel at ease.

Green spaces and gardens: The region is known for its beautiful scenery, green spaces, and expansive gardens. These features give you more chances to take in the town’s soft sand and gorgeous blue sea ambiance.

Sidi Abdel Rahman village designs: Known for its excellent colors, high quality, and cutting-edge engineering designs, Sidi Abdel Rahman villages are among the best recently created settlers.

In conclusion, investing in Sidi Abdel Rahman‘s top villages offers prime Mediterranean shore access, promising future value appreciation, and a wealth of amenities, including green spaces and innovative designs, making it a lucrative and delightful residential choice.


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