6 October City: Highlighting the Top 5 Real Estate companies and Major Projects in 2024

6 October City

6 October City: A Decades-Long Focus for Egyptian Ministries and Developers

6 October City has garnered significant attention from Egyptian ministries and developers over the last 40 years. One of the primary strategies employed by the government to address the sharp increase in population was the urbanization policy, which entailed creating new, integrated cities with increased housing and employment options.

6 October City: A Prime Choice

When someone expresses a wish to find a new, opulent home in a bit more remote location from the busy region, 6 October City is now the first spot they suggest, but they are still concerned about their ability to get to the most important locations in Cairo and the other governorates with ease.

A Closer Look at 6 October City’s Transformation

The best compounds and most opulent neighborhoods may be found in 6 October City, according to the final results of a meticulous effort to equip the city with everyday living options. However, this picture is not fully realized due to the massive efforts that have gone into the background.

To put it another way, 6 October City improvements were broken down into 5 categories

  • Commercial malls
  • Medical facilities
  • Transportation networks
  • Education entities

6 October City map

Decision-makers decided that it was necessary to split the city into three primary critical sections (6 October City, New 6 October City, and October Gardens) to make it easier for people to know where they were going. This was due to the excessive expansion and development that took place on 6 October City.

  • Initially, on 6 October City’s borders were set on a vast land area of 52,000 Feddan, which is regarded as the middle ground between the 2 other locations. At about 17 km, 6 October City is close to the Great Pyramids.
  • Constructed over 27,000 Feddan as an extension of 6 October City, the New October City is categorized as a Fourth Generation City. Starting right behind the industrial zone, the point of New October City almost stretches along El Wahat Road.
  • Finally, October Gardens, which is built on 90,000 acres of land, topped the list as the largest residential area overall. Due to its vast area, it presents a good chance for investment and speculation. Stated differently, new investors now look to October Gardens first when starting retail initiatives.

The following amenities are available in the newly constructed areas to improve the city’s quality of life:

  • Medical Center
  • Shopping centers
  • Church
  • Mosque
  • Schools
  • Transportation

About real estate developers

  • In Egypt, where the 6 October City was established, many real estate companies have contributed to and altered the direction of the real estate industry. These companies have achieved several significant and ambitious objectives, including lowering population density, constructing upscale residential complexes, creating an environmentally friendly green city, and developing the best medical and educational facilities.
  • Egypt’s real estate market has completely evolved in recent years, with the country’s leading real estate corporations implementing many upscale residential projects in the 6 October city These buildings represent a new, fully conceived concept of luxury living.
  • The city has many benefits, which have led many investors to choose it as their first choice for project implementation, we will explain real estate development businesses in 6 October city in the lines that follow.

Real Estate Development & Investment Company Mountain View

  • One of the most significant real estate companies in 6 October city is Mountain View. The company’s strong work with a high level of competence and quality has led to the enormous fame of all of its projects.
  • Since its founding in 2005, the company has enjoyed more than 18 years of continuous success. Its fundamental goal is to upend the luxury and sophisticated culture and move customers to a higher standard of living, which is evident in even the smallest details of its residential projects.
  • With a collection of the greatest residential projects spread around the Arab Republic of Egypt, Mountain View Real Estate has left its imprint and years of experience in each location, enabling the majority of its clients to experience a new and unique degree of elegance and sophistication.
  • To produce distinctive home designs and facades, the company was eager to collaborate with the biggest professionals and specialists in the engineering and architectural fields.

The important projects in October:

Palm Hills Development & Investment Company

Established in 2005 AD by the Mansour Al-Maghraby Company, Palm Hills Real Estate Company is one of the top real estate companies in October and owns several distinctive residential projects in different parts of Egypt. Its projects in the 6 October City were of a high caliber due to the company’s expertise in selecting key project locations and a wide variety of masterfully designed residential units ranging in size.

The important projects in October:

6 October City

Tatweer Misr Development & Investment Company

Tatweer Misr has been a key driver of change since its founding in 2014, providing unparalleled value through projects that are models of excellence in every element of development. With a wealth of industrial and technical know-how, Tatweer Misr has been a major real estate developer in Egypt, meeting the growing need for mixed-use developments that improve the quality of life in their communities by providing an original perspective on integrated living.

The important projects in October:

  • Rivers New Zayed

Hyde Park Development & Investment Company

Founded in 2007 by Damac Properties, it was later purchased by Hyde Park Developments in 2011 and went on to become one of Egypt’s top private developers of homes, entertainment, and commercial space. On the top of their developments Garden Lakes on 6 October City, Tawny, Seashore, Business District, and Hyde Park New Cairo.

In every Hyde Park development, they work hard to create a strong feeling of community where families may prosper, friendships can grow, and neighbors can get along. The lively social scenes, recreational spaces, and other features promote communication and a feeling of community.

The important projects in October:

LaVista Development & Investment Company

La Vista Real Estate Development Company was established in 1991 and has a long history of exceptional achievements in setting a new standard for tourism and residential life. La Vista’s approach to comprehensive real estate development to creating new communities encompasses all practices from vision to design, construction, finishing, and operation. This has allowed La Vista to consistently provide the highest standards to its customers. La Vista has an interior design office with a skilled team of architects and landscape designers. We have developed a large number of clients from people who trust our knowledge and the wise financial decisions they made when they bought a property from La Vista Developments. This confidence makes us excited to expand further and complete other projects in the Red Sea, North Coast, New Cairo, and in the 6 October City.

The important projects in October:

  • EL Patio Vera Zayed
  • El Patio Zahraa
  • El Patio 6

All of these developers will exist with us in the 3rd edition of the Egypt Property Expo in Dubai on 11th and 12th of May in Sheraton Hotel Mall of the Emirates. Don’t miss the exclusive offers and new projects all over Egypt and the chance to own or invest in a property in Egypt in the most dynamic areas in Egypt including 6 October city. Register now and we will send you a free invitation to attend the Expo we will be waiting for you.

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