North coast-Sahel

LVLs Mountain View


Kilo 179, North Coast, Egypt

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Property Type

Villas, Beach houses

Area size



Sea View



Approximate Locations

Dabaa Road
10 Minutes
35 Minutes
Rixos Alamein
17 Minutes
Alamein Airport
30 Minutes

Project Benefits

Mountain View has gained immense recognition for its coastal projects, and to further elevate its reputation, it proudly presents its latest venture, LVLs Mountain View, on the North Coast. This exclusive and luxurious resort aims to provide an exceptional level of comfort and services.

Situated in the pristine area of New-Sahel at 179 kilometers next to Soul by Emmar. LVLs Mountain View is set amidst stunning beaches with extended beachfront 600M, crystal-clear waters, and a delightful climate. Mountain View levels promises a haven of opulence, where guests can indulge in unrivaled amenities and services. LVLs Mountain View aims to redefine the concept of luxury resorts, ensuring an unforgettable experience for our esteemed guests. Embrace a lifestyle of indulgence and sophistication, where every detail has been thoughtfully crafted to exceed expectations.

Mountain View levels is easily accessible from any governorate, such as Alexandria, Cairo, and Marsa Matrouh, given its proximity to major roads and axes, including the international coastal road. Wadi El-Natrun Road. As well as the way of Al-Dabaa. There is a new road located near one of the busiest roads in the North Coast, and it is known as New Fouka Road

Discover a sprawling village spanning 200 acres, offering a wide and diverse range of residential and recreational amenities. LVLs Mountain View on the North Coast stands out with its varied selection of living units, including independent villas, townhouses, and beach houses, with 90% of them designed to offer breathtaking sea views to suit all tastes. LVLs Mountain View on the North Coast is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing vacation in the sun and escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

The project boasts an exceptional design with staggered levels, allowing every unit to enjoy a breathtaking, view of the sea. In addition to its unique architectural design, LVLs Mountain View Resort offers a plethora of unlimited amenities that meet the highest standards of quality and excellence. It enables visitors to experience an unforgettable summer filled with happiness, fun, and relaxation.

  • Diverse swimming pools of various sizes and depths for all ages, including dedicated pools for children and ladies.
  • All villas come with specious spaces start from 145 m.
  • High-speed Wi-Fi and internet services available in all Mountain View units.
  • Vast green spaces and landscaped suites throughout the LVLs Mountain View.
  • Expansive and unique sports club with diverse recreational activities for residents.
  • Extensive water features covering a wide area within the village
  • Private beach with 100% soft white sands and pristine turquoise waters
  • Experience the exclusive and easy payment systems for exceptional purchasing opportunities at Mountain View Real Estate.
  • The project is expected to be completed within four years.

LVLs Mountain Payment Plan

  • 10% Down-payment
  • 8 years flexible payment plan


Feature & Amenities

LVLs Mountain View
CCTV Monitoring
LVLs Mountain View
LVLs Mountain View
Swimming Pool
LVLs Mountain View
Kids play area
LVLs Mountain View
Private Beach
LVLs Mountain View
Beach Club House
LVLs Mountain View
Cycling Track

Project Videos

Unwind and Immerse: Experience the Tranquility of Egypt’s North Coast

Undoubtedly, the North Coast holds a special allure for both Egyptians and tourists, making it the ultimate summer destination year after year. Egypt boasts picturesque beaches that captivate domestic and international visitors alike. On one hand, there’s the renowned Red Sea with its vibrant marine life and majestic mountain ranges along the coastline. On the other hand, the northern coast of Egypt presents a contrasting experience, featuring crystal-clear turquoise waters and pristine white sands without any rugged terrain. Stretching along the Mediterranean Sea, Egypt’s northern coast spans from Rafah in the east to Salloum on the Libyan border. It is divided into three main sections:

  • The eastern coast, encompassing Rafah, El-Arish, and even Port Said governorate.
  • The North Delta coast, including Rashid, Damietta, Ras El Bar, and Baltim. This area is densely populated due to its fertile soil and the presence of three large lakes, Burullus, Edko, and Mariout, ensuring a year-round habitation.
  • The North Coast, widely recognized as EL-Sahel, serves as the primary hub for summer tourism. It stretches from Alexandria through El Alamein and Marsa Matrouh, all the way to Salloum.

Currently, the North Coast can be divided into two main parts: the old North Coast, spanning from Kilo 21 to Kilo 105, which includes the popular North Coast Marina, and the new coast starting from El Alamein and featuring an array of emerging tourist villages that expand each year.

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