Unlock the Secrets of the Top Projects in Sidi Heneish in 2024

Prepare to be captivated by the allure of Sidi Heneish North Coast – where luxury, convenience, and natural beauty converge to create an unparalleled lifestyle. Imagine waking up to the stunning scenery, soft sand beaches, and crystal-clear blue waters of Sidi Heneish North Coast. This isn’t just a dream – it’s the reality that awaits you in the best destination for anyone looking to have an unforgettable summer holiday.

Sidi Heneish Village: Where Luxury Meets Nature:

Experience a haven where luxury blended seamlessly with the breathtaking beauty of nature – welcome to Sidi Heneish Village. Renowned developers are seizing the opportunity to create unparalleled coastal projects and lavish hotels in this idyllic location. As Sidi Heneish isn’t just a destination; it’s a testament to natural splendor and urban sophistication harmoniously entwined.

Backyard Real Estate will unveil the epitome of upscale living in Sidi Heneish. From exclusive villages to luxurious hotels, this coastal gem offers a wealth of options to cater to everyone’s desire. Seize the opportunity to make your dreams a reality in this picturesque paradise.

The Strategic Location and Nearby Attractions of Sidi Heneish:

It is strategically located, with various attractions and destinations within reachable distances. Overall, it seems to offer a diverse range of nearby destinations, catering to various interests from cultural exploration to beach relaxation and outdoor adventures.

  •  located 200 kilometers away, from Alexandria Governorate, this offers access to the coastal attractions and amenities of Alexandria, known for its rich history, Mediterranean beaches, and cultural landmarks.
  • It is just 50 kilometers away from Marsa Matrouh, which is famous for its pristine beaches and natural beauty, making it an ideal spot for tourists seeking coastal relaxation.

Discover the Luxurious Features of Sidi Heneish North Coast:

Embrace luxury living in the expansive 70-acre of Sidi Heneish North Coast, where 13% of the land is dedicated to upscale residential construction. With vast green spaces, sparkling swimming pools, and an array of premium services and amenities, to cater to the diverse needs and desires of the patrons.

Here’s what sets Sidi Heneish North Coast apart and attracts investors and developers:

  • Breathtaking Mediterranean Views: Sidi Heneish boasts a picturesque view of the Mediterranean coast.
  • Prime Location: Sidi Heneish North Coast offers unparalleled convenience and accessibility. With its excellent geographic position near important villages and major roadways.
  • All-Inclusive Services: The fact that this place has all the amenities and services needed from basic necessities to recreational activities, everything you need for an unforgettable summer getaway is right at your doorstep.
  • Perfect Climate: Enjoy moderate weather year-round in the idyllic surroundings of Sidi Heneish, ensuring a pleasant stay no matter the season.
  • Affordable costs: With competitive pricing and flexible payment options, owning your dream unit in Sidi Heneish North Coast has never been easier.


Sidi Heneish

Don’t miss your chance to indulge in the ultimate coastal living experience. Explore Sidi Heneish North Coast today.

Invest in Your Dream Lifestyle in the Top Projects in Sidi Heneish:
  1. Hacienda Sidi Heneish by Palm Hills:

Unlock a world of luxury with Palm Hills Real Estate’s architectural masterpiece at Hacienda . Designed to meet international standards, this project is tailored to fulfill the desires of each customer.

Why to invest in Hacienda Sidi Heneish?

  • Prime Location: Nestled at kilometer 247 of the Alexandria-Matrouh Road, Palm Hills offers a tranquil escape with unbeatable access to all amenities. Its strategic location ensures a peaceful retreat with convenient access, thanks to its proximity to main roads and important axes.
  • Pricing and payment methods: Experience a seamless purchasing process with specific pricing plans that perfectly align with the benefits you’ll enjoy at Hacienda Sidi Heneish. Our flexible reservation and payment methods give you ample time to settle your unit bills stress-free.
  • Comprehensive Services and Amenities: From recreational facilities to essential services, Hacienda Sidi Heneish provides everything you need for a cozy and comfortable lifestyle.
  • High Investment Value: Seize the opportunity for a lucrative investment in Sidi Heneish. With Egypt and the UAE’s joint development agreement, the area’s significance has increased, making it a strategic choice for property buyers seeking long-term value.

2- Esmeralda Bay Sidi Heneish

Elevate your summer experience at Esmeralda Bay. Discover a world of luxury, convenience, and relaxation unlike any other. Esmeralda Bay is proudly developed by Cleopatra Developments, ensuring a legacy of quality and excellence in every aspect of design and construction.

Why to invest in Esmeralda Bay Sidi Heneish?

  • Superb location: Nestled along the breathtaking North Coast, Esmeralda Bay awaits you at kilometer 247. This prime spot offers easy access to pristine beaches and panoramic views of the Mediterranean.
  • Unit Variety: Choose from a selection of premium residences, including detached villas, townhouses, penthouses, and chalets, designed to cater to every need and preference.
  • Village Size: Spread across 50 acres of coastal paradise, Esmeralda Bay offers ample space for relaxation and recreation.
  • Exclusive Services and Amenities: beachside BBQ Areas, event spaces, dining options, security, medical facilities.

3- Silver Sands by ORA

Discover the epitome of tranquility and luxury living at Sands of Silver. As the premier development company, Ora Developments proudly presents Silver Sands, the ideal choice for those craving serenity amidst breathtaking surroundings.

Why to invest in Silver Sands?

Location: Nestled along the 222 Alexandria-Matrouh Road, Silver Sands offers a prime location for your retreat.

Property Types: Choose from a variety of unit types including townhouses, detached villas, penthouses, and chalets, each meticulously designed to meet your discerning tastes.

Expansive Grounds: Spanning over 485 acres, Silver Sands provides ample space for you to indulge in the beauty of coastal living.

Facilities and Services: Silver Sands prioritize comfort and convenience, offering a host of amenities to enhance your lifestyle including:

– Kid-Friendly Entertainment

– 24/7 Security

– BBQ Areas:

– Dining options

4- Marsa Baghush Sidi Heneish:

Experience luxury living at Marsa Baghush, where every detail is designed to exceed expectations. A premier coastal retreat by Shehab Mazhar Company. Enjoy beachfront living just off the coastal road, with easy access to Cairo via the El Alamein-Dabaa Road.

Why to invest in Marsa Baghush Sidi Heneish?
  • Prime Location: Nestled in Sidi Heneish, Marsa Baghush offers 600 meters of sandy beach, only 237 kilometers from Alexandria.
  • Luxury Living: Choose from chalets, townhouses, twin houses, and separate villas, all designed for comfort and elegance.
  • Spacious Units: With chalets starting from 140 square meters, apartments with gardens from 206 square meters, and separate villas from 265 square meters, ample space awaits.
  • Innovative Design: Contemporary architecture and expansive green spaces create a harmonious environment for leisure and relaxation.
  • Exceptional Features: Competitive pricing, convenient payment plans, and well-equipped homes ensure an unparalleled living experience.
  • Unmatched Services: Enjoy basic amenities, leisure facilities, and luxurious comforts, all curated to enhance your coastal lifestyle.

In conclusion, Sidi Heneish isn’t just a destination – it’s a lifestyle. With its unbeatable beauty, unparalleled amenities, and strategic location along the Mediterranean Sea, investing in Sidi Heneish is more than just a choice – it’s a smart investment in your future. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to live the life you’ve always dreamed of – seize the moment and make Sidi Heneish your reality today.

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