Egyptian Real Estate 2024: Smart Homes Technology

Egyptian real estate market

Implementing sustainable development in Egyptian Real Estate agendas and at the national level by member nations of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is a crucial factor driving the development of smart cities within the area.

These plans include the more narrowly focused Abu Dhabi Economic Vision in conjunction with Dubai’s Industrial Strategy 2030, Vision 2030s for Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, and Projects of the 50.

All of these are aimed at building a prosperous and sustainable future. A future that substantially conforms to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, thereby bringing about positive change.

Smart Cities Best Projects in The Egyptian Real Estate and The Middle East:

MENA-wide, smart city projects are being designed, developed, and implemented. However, the following significant remarks help to contextualize the beneficial changes that smart cities are undergoing:

Mostakbal City: Discover the Technology City in 2024

  • Mostakbal City, translated as “Future” in Arabic, is a cutting-edge urban development in the Egyptian real estate market constructed by the latest international standards.
  • Designed to be the first fully integrated Mega Green City in New Cairo, offering a new standard for modern living.
  • Explore this article to get a thorough rundown of the outstanding facilities, including information about the projects and the astounding range of the provided services in the Egyptian real estate market .

Why Living in Mostakbal City is the best choice?

  • Living in one of Mostakbal City’s luxurious communities guarantees a way of life that carefully attends to all of your needs in a timely and thoughtful manner, guaranteeing ongoing satisfaction of expectations via efficient use of resources.
  • The developers of Mostakbal City Compounds have demonstrated how to combine luxury and resource efficiency by prioritizing comfort and sustainability during the building’s operational phases.
  • Let us examine the location, amenities, and infrastructure in depth Each of these elements has been thoughtfully planned to fill in gaps, provide answers, and create an opulent living environment in the Egyptian real estate market.

Mostakbal City’s Ideal Location

Mostakbal City is remarkable project in Egyptian real estate market  located strategically on Suez Cairo Road, between kilometers 46 and 51, to the East of Cairo. This location is designed to provide easy access to various destinations while keeping a peaceful distance from the urban hustle and bustle. Its intelligent positioning enhances the Egyptian lifestyle, making it an ideal choice for those seeking convenience and tranquility in the Egyptian real estate market .

  • Shorouk City: 20 minutes away
  • Al Rehab: 25 minutes away
  • Badr City: 28 minutes away
  • Cairo Festival City: 34 minutes away
  • Cairo International Airport: 35 minutes away
  • New Capital: 35 minutes away
  • New Cairo: 39 minutes away.
Mostakbal City: Smart and Self-Sufficient City in the Egyptian real estate market 
  • Every aspect of landscaping, irrigation, and solid waste management is taken care of by the city’s autonomous operation and management system. It also has the newest intelligent technology, such as a smartphone app that locals can use to simplify public transportation, make e-payments, and park easily.
  • A self-sufficient power plant for equal distribution of electricity, separate pipelines for gas and potable water, and private security services are among the utilities and network management systems that Mostakbal City possesses. That guarantees that locals won’t rely on outside providers and will have access to all the services they require.
  • Mostakbal City is intended to be a thriving economic center, a hotspot for residential investment, and a destination for entertainment in addition to its intelligent and self-sufficient qualities. Ensuring optimal connectivity is facilitated by optical fiber communication networks and the distinctive urban planning is grounded in comprehensive market research to cater to the requirements of both homeowners and investors.
  • All things considered; Mostakbal City is a wise, independent city that provides its citizens with a convenient, sustainable way of life. In addition, it is a thriving center of the economy and a popular place to invest in homes.
Here is a more thorough explanation of Mostakbal City’s salient characteristics:
  • The newest in clever technology can be found in Mostakbal City, where citizens can utilize a smartphone app for simple parking, electronic payments, and efficient public transportation. Residents may now easily navigate the city and get to the services they require.
  • Self-sufficient infrastructure: Mostakbal City is equipped with a self-sufficient power plant for electricity, separate pipelines for gas and potable water, and private security services. It also has its own utilities and network management system. By doing this, it is made sure that locals don’t have to depend on outside providers to get all the basic services they require.
  • Mostakbal City is dedicated to the concept of sustainable development. In addition to having a lot of green areas, it contains some sustainable design components. This contributes to making the surroundings for the inhabitants livable and healthy.
  • Hotspot for residential real estate investment: The Egyptian real estate market is expanding quickly, making it an appealing location to live in. Because of this, Mostakbal City presents a favorable investment option for both private and institutional investors.
  • Entertainment destination: Mostakbal City provides both locals and forgings with a wide range of entertainment choices. Numerous eateries, cafes, stores, and other facilities are there.


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