Ras El Hekma 2024: Unlocking a Wealth of Investment Potential


Ras El Hekma

The North Coast Transformation by Ras Al Hekma

Ras El Hekma is one of the most promising tourist areas in Egypt, as its fame has exceeded many famous coastal areas, its privileged location, and weather, encourage many real estate companies to invest tens of billions in establishing projects and tourist resorts with international standards. Ras El Hekma was established to be a tourist echo of the New City of Alamein project within the development strategy of the North coast to match international cities and enter into global competition as an integrated tourist, residential, and industrial city.

This is done while adhering to the sustainable development plan, the Egyptian government’s vision for fourth-generation cities and smart cities, and the 2030 vision, by expanding urbanization and new cities, to stimulate and open many new areas for real estate and tourism investment, and create many job opportunities that have an economic return in this article, we will review all the information and news about Ras El Hekma.

The idea of establishing

Ras El-Hekma

Ras El Hekma has the third most beautiful beach in the world, as the state has been interested in establishing a new city in this charming area because its fame exceeds many famous tourist areas, and to compete with its counterparts at the global level as El Alamein, Marina and others. It is one of the cities with a promising future in the field of tourism and real estate investment in Egypt in the coming years. This prompted investors to establish projects, resorts, and tourist villages, with international standards. The state has used international expertise houses and consulting offices that have experience in constructing such projects to build an integrated tourist city in cooperation with the General Authority for Urban Planning, to create an integrated residential tourist city, on sound foundations that make the new city of Ras El Hekma a strong competitor.

The Strategic location of Ras El Hekma

Ras El Hekma is on the northwestern coast, within a 50-kilometer coastal strip between the city of Dabaa and Marsa Matrouh Governorate, and follows the city of Marsa Matrouh administratively, and is about 65 kilometers west, it is a head extending into the sea and the city is characterized by an excellent geographical location on the Mediterranean Sea between the City of Alamein in the east and Marsa Matrouh in the west, to be an attractive tourist hotspot as El Alamein and Sidi Abdel Rahman area were filled with luxury resorts and hotels.

The most important feature of the Ras El Hekma area project:

Ras El Hekma has the most beautiful beaches with its pure blue waters, white sand, clear atmosphere, and picturesque nature, according to experts, it has the most charming and beautiful beaches.

The project is located on an area of 48,000 acres, with a beach length of 43 kilometers, or 43 kilometers of crystal water, and the white sand characteristic of this area, and the beaches of Ras El Hekma are completely safe and suitable for swimming, due to the tranquility of its sea.

The region is located directly on the Mediterranean Sea, and 30% of the world’s cruise destinations are to cities on the Mediterranean Sea; it will serve as a magnet for these trips.

There are also many ports very close to it, such as El Alamein Air Port and Hamra Petroleum Port, so it can be considered a very strategic and ideal area located near all important sites, there are also many nearby airports, most notably Marsa Matrouh International Airport, and Borg El Arab International Airport.

One of the most important features of Ras El Hekma is the “Army Road” or the new “Fouka” Road, which was established to shorten the distance between Cairo and the North Coast to 141 kilometers from 241 kilometers, and it connects the new regional ring road and 6th of October City and extends to the areas of the northwest coast.

Strong infrastructure:

The Egyptian government found that to build a global city like Ras El Hekma it must have a strong and integrated infrastructure of vital road networks, important facilities, and services on strong and well-studied foundations, as well as study the city’s needs to establish an infrastructure with advanced technology worthy of the region’s global fame, especially since the lands offered for investment have an area of 11 million and 500 meters, at an investment cost exceeding one billion and 351 million pounds.

Integrated tourism components:

The 50-kilometer coastline, located between the city of El Dabaa to Marsa Matrouh, is the most beautiful beach in the world, from soft yellow sand to beautiful turquoise waters.

Ras El Hekma has all the aspects that make it one of the most important beach and recreational tourism destinations in the world, not only within Egypt, as it has multiple elements for beach tourism, from stunning beaches, charming desert, and mountainous areas. In addition to many historical and cultural places in the form of monuments and museums such as the El Alamein Military Museum, Marina El Alamein Museum, and El Alamein Fountain.

It is also located near the Greco-Roman city, the ruins of the pharaoh’s castle, the Rommel Museum, the temple of Ramses II, the Commonwealth tombs, and the Italian and German cemetery, and those places can serve tourism in Ras El Hekma by holding festivals and celebrations, recalling historical events in those areas, and do not forget as well as ecotourism provided by the Al Ameed Nature Reserve and the Abu Mina area, as well as the city of King Marriott, which is famous for medical tourism.

A strong start and a breakthrough in the world of investment:

Ras El Hekma project will achieve strong revenues and returns on the Egyptian economy from the tourism sector, which opens the door for all other investment projects, which in turn will provide great job opportunities and cash liquidity for the state, and this also means that buying an apartment or property in these areas is a good opportunity for those who want to invest and become part of this world.

Ras Al Hekma Resorts

Ras El Hekma area contains the latest and most important projects that have been offered by major real estate developers in Egypt, which are characterized by advanced infrastructure, and innovative engineering ideas, whether at the level of building designs, or recreational services inside, and is keen to provide all types of units, not only chalets, which are the most famous units in tourist areas, but also provide you with cabins, standalone villas, twin houses, townhouses, and others to meet all the desires and needs of customers.

The most important tourist villages within Ras El Hekma, the most prominent of which are the following:

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